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Why choose minty pine?

Our toilets are guaranteed to be clean and scare free, allowing you to take care of your business without worry.  The entire unit is cleaned regularly with sanitizing products to meet high industry standards.  Each unit is equipped with a handwashing sink for personal sanitary care.  

Minty Pine portable toilets are self contained units installed at locations which lack basic bathroom facilities.  Portable toilet units can be delivered to a variety of locations for a variety of purposes or events.  Proper sanitation for short term events makes Minty Pine portable toilets ideal for:

·       Special Occasion Crowds

·       Parties and Reunions

·       Camps and Activities

·       Park and Playgrounds

·       Community Events

·       Festivals, Parades, Rodeos

·       Industrial Job Sites

·       Construction Projects

·       Cemeteries and Gardens

·       Farm, Agricultural Events

·       Temporary Situations

·       Long Term Conditions

·       Emergency Settings


Minty Pine portable toilets are transported to their place of usage and situated on site.  They are easily transported from one worksite location to another if needed.  Construction companies may request our portable toilet lifting frame to lift or lower portable toilet units at the building site.


About Minty Pine

Minty Pine, locally owned and operated, serves a wide variety of venues across Southern Alberta.  Our goal is to provide quality product and service to relieve your concerns and make your event more comfortable.

Minty Pine provides:

·       Speedy product delivery

·       Prompt and effective servicing 

·       Timely retrieval 

Minty Pine Quality Product includes:

·       Non-flushing toilets

·       Equipped with hand wash sink

·       Tank exhaust vent

·       Ventilation for air exchange

Estimating Urgencies

For Job Site Locations

  • 1 unit/10 people for 40-hour week

For Special Events and Occasions

(estimations do not account for alcohol consumption)

  • 1 unit/50 people for 5-hour event

  • 2 units/50 people for 9-hour event

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